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She gleefully pursues the tiny beast; she ousts, by function of her being; her lauded return metes just legumes; she sleeps; she is; my dog. @ 07.05.2012

Please READ & Share@~> The “Taxing Clause”, Five Lawless Judges, and obamacare by Publius Huldah 07.05.12 #Truth #CotUS2012 

Liberty’s Seat, is where you rest now, and the valor and vitue that won it, will keep it. @ 07.04.2012

If it be rebellion that walls the seditious slog, that quashes the assassin of our character, then let us be called rebels. @ 07.03.2012

God gave us this Liberty’s breath, and the Will to breathe it. @ 07.03.2012

I’m not ‘crying wolf’. I’m screaming ‘PACK OF WOLVES!’ ~>This government, and the People empowering it! @ 07.03.2012

The tyrant never names himself Tyrant. @ 07.03.2012

Because he Loooves his country… patriot?! 07.02.2012

Fun with HashTags 07.02.2012
#ObamaOlympics Tyranthalon @ ~ MonArchery @

Read~> The Supreme Court Is Not Our Friend by Bruce Walker 07.02.12

Obamacare is now even More Supreme than the Law of the Land! Congratulations America! @ 07.01.2012

Giving aid and comfort to Barack Hussein Obama is as impeachable as he is. @ 07.01.2012

amd.14,s.3:(ref) Engage in rebellion against the CONSTITUTION, which you swore to support, and you can’t hold office! @ 07.01.2012

amd.14,s.3:(ref) Give aid or comfort to the enemies of the CONSTITUTION, which you swore to support, and you can’t hold office! @ 07.01.2012

If the Chief Justice presides over the impeachment trial of the President, who presides over the Chief Justice’s impeachment? art.1,s.3,c.6 @ 07.01.2012

It’s a mirror, not and altar, and the image therein reveals the sole source of the problem. @ 07.01.2012

Repeal and replace??… Repeal in Disgrace!! Here’s a novel idea: Get the ef’n govt out of healthcare ALTOGETHER! We’ll Live. @ 07.01.2012

READ~> “Stupid, Stupid Jackasses”  http://barnhardt.biz/ by Ann Barnhardt 06.30.2012… h/t @luchadora41

Wonder how many conservatives are out there… who just don’t know they’re conservatives… yet? (or libertarian, etc.) @ 07.01.2012

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