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We built it. We broke it. We fix it. The Constitution is the owner’s manual, and we are the tools. #CotuS2012‬ @ 07.09.12

The Chinese are more successful [in bldg infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision.” Ray LaHood 06.30.12 @ 07.09.12
RefMorning Bell: Transportation Secretary Wants Us to Be Like Communist China 07.09.12

Obama says he was outspent in 08 campaign. He spent 730M to McCain’s 333M @ 07.09.12
h/t: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=41718

I’m learning the Constitution. He’s learning how to game the system. The system is teaching HIM. @ 07.09.12

Our watchfulness is always countered by the conspiracy of our neighbors’ blindness. @ 07.08.12

You should just go ahead and agree with me. It’s easier that way. :] @ 07.08.12

When a businessman stands up to tyranny, and fearlessly defends the Constitution, We should reward him with our patronage. @ 07.08.12
See:  Will the Marketplace Sponsor the Constitution? Or Are They Afraid to “Take Sides”?

The disciples of the state are weak and indolent, hence, their servitude. So ultimately, how hard will they fight to continue that station? @ 07.08.12

The statists know the failures of their controls, yet they deny and double them down. There can be no other reason than malice. @ 07.08.12

Fun with HashTags: #DemocratSongs‬ 07.07.12
Commie Chameleon @ ~ Abracadabra @ ~ Sweet Home AlaPravda @ ~ Feelings (nothing more than…. woe, woe, woe) @ ~ Spreebird @

Obama “tried”… and ought to be tried. ~ Fed.66: encroaching on powers of Congress; Fed.77: abuse of exec. auth. @ 07.07.12
RefObama: Most People “Would Acknowledge That I’ve Tried Real Hard”
RefThe President’s Enumerated Powers, Rulemaking by Executive Agencies, & Executive Orders.

When Government is the Only Answer, Liberty is Always in Question. @ 07.07.12

A tyrant with the best intentions is still an ef’n Tyrant! @ 07.07.12

dichotomy: CotUS’ aim to “secure the Blessings of Liberty” & Congress’ unbound power to usurp the blessings. @ 07.07.12
we will be subject to a government unlimited in its power to extort our obedience to its will in every detail of life” ~Alan Keyes 07.05.12 @
Ref: From Preserving Liberty to Destroying It by Alan Keyes 07.05.12
on “Roberts Court’s despotic repurposing of taxation”

Fun with HashTags
Obama’s #BettingOnAmerica‬ to ante up another generation. @ 07.05.12

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