Somebody told me today that my weblog is just the same old thing over and over again, written in slightly different ways. That same someone was of the opinion early in my blog experiment, that my writing was way too far “out there”, and nobody understood it.

This is a bit dispiriting, of course, not because of the criticism itself, but because to me at least the “repetitive” bits that I write are anything but. Much of the “Random” quotes, for example, were thought out and refined many times over.

It is true that my subject matter tends toward the defense of our republic, political and the like, but that focus cannot be the real root of the criticism, as there are many other similarly inclined writers out there who I doubt hear the similar critic. Say, if I were to have a gardening blog, would my critics charge that I write too much about dirt?

Trying to develop the potentiality of a craft, here, so it is what it is, the critic that is, and worth consideration.