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King George the relatively trivial usurper…
Seriously! Read ~> July 4th Musings by Karl Denninger, h/t & thx @AnnBarnhardt

I forget, is it “too big to fail”, or is it “too big to jail”… or are these mutually inclusive? @ 07.12.12

Either I don’t know what I’m talking about, or nobody understands what I’m talking about, or both, or neither. Doesn’t matter, does it? @ 07.12.12

Read~> “20 Republicans set to uphold controversial UN treaty” 07.10.12
& Law of the Sea Treaty: Bad for American Energy Policy 07.09.12
U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms 06.07.11
International Gun Registry!?!? Are they kidding?! 

If “science” can burn us on global warming, what else are they cooking up? @ 07.10.12

I don’t have to like the President. I just want him to do his ef’n job… so I don’t have to hate him. @ 07.10.12

Read~> Is President Obama Intentionally ‘Destroying’ America? by David Limbaugh 07.10.12 @

No recession tax hike, Yes election tax hike, whichever comes first… for me(bho). #Obamageddon‬ #ClassFare‬ #Tyranny‬ @ 07.10.12
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Read~> Atlas Still Shrugging… By Victor Davis Hanson 07.06.12 @

Have you taken your dictation today? serf! @ 07.09.12

Every debate with a liberal starts with the assumption that central govt authority is the norm, then they demand you prove THEM wrong. @
It’s like the left says “I can enter your house whenever I want”, then the argument is about which door to leave unlocked. @
Constitutional, limited govt & individual liberty in ALL forums is the true default. Let the liberals prove IT wrong. @
We already have the formula, declared and constituted, innocent until proven guilty. @
~series tweeted 07.09.12

Read~> ObamaCare Is Shovel-Ready for You by Stella Paul 07.09.12 @

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