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I am surviving, merely present, without recall, unaware that I am devoid of the particular experience, incapable of retaining the specifics of the next.

My instincts, my intuition, and my conscience are intact, unidentified, sourceless developing and fundamental parts.

I sense, I breathe, there is a steady thump. I am hungry, I thirst, I feel the cold. I move, I function.

I am surviving, merely present, though I possess of my own industry these tools and coverings, this store of food and drink.

Of my hand, as is of nature, is that of my sustenance, my property. Of the others, theirs is of their own.

No harm do I work on another, nor control over them, but do not trust this is a mutual understanding.

I am surviving, merely present, no memory, no expectation, no knowledge, no influence, no opinion, just now.