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Do you ever sit back and wonder just what the hell you are doing here? You know, why you’ve wasted your life, how it is that you primarily suck as a human being, leaving off from your to-do list the things that should be at the top, or worse, having no to-do list at all.

Maybe you once did some of the important things, some or one, and rest yourself on those laurels, and just coast now, empty now, excepting that single story you can tell.

Did you ever feel like your family, you know, the people therein, the other humans above the other humans, they were not sufficiently supported by you, not protected by you, how at times you could have done more, or anything at all, in a circumstance?

Have you been wondering, like when you see the U.S. flag or such, how, when so many who came before you bled out to preserve the simple concept of liberty, why they sacrificed so for it, and you just get to enjoy the remaining echoes of liberty, without lifting a finger.

There too, are and were people you could and didn’t help, real humans, that if you were removed from your box, might have or had a little improvement in their condition, or might not have suffered a thing. Ever think about them?

So, even while you might be doing the material providing thing, are you curious why your otherwise idleness and particular inactions are defining you as a failure in the critical areas of life generally, namely with respect for your family, your faith even, your country, and your neighbor?

Yeah, neither am I.