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The state, the TV, the mags & rags, music, schools, THEY are defining you, progressives. ~MY American Dream is MINE. Not yours or theirs. Get it? @ 07.29.12

Politik: What does that have to do with Liberty? How is that Constitutional? Wrong answer, not representative, no power. Simple. CotUS2012 @ 07.29.12

All that remains are the faint echo of liberty, and the thunderous voice of tyranny. Speak, or be spoken for, and to. @ 07.29.12

A vote for anything less than wholesale reduction in govt is nothing less than suicide. @ 07.29.12

These threats to our liberty by executive order, are only as perilous as our liberty will tolerate. @ 07.27.12

Government oppression, while choosing winners and losers, is just fine so long as you’re the winners, huh progressives. @ 07.27.12

Eurika!!! Strung together: FF @ RT ~Twitter’s a GAS :] :] @ 07.27.12

…the stranglehold on reason. If these mass hystericals had any clue the harm they do, bet they’d STILL do the harm. @ 07.27.12
Ref: Chick-fil-A Victimization: Discrimination Under the Guise of Diversity & Tolerance

SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH!!! Selective Epidermal Pigmentation Possible! Campaigners choosing sky blue, Elected officials~Red. *Developing@ 07.26.12
I want to be maroon… or to show my sophistication… mauve. I’m voting mauve, too. That’s what I know. @

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