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A tactical double-standard, the left relies on our goodness to limit us, while they, without conscience, act with impunity. @

It is like fighting a war in which we say “Oh, I can’t hurt anybody”, while the enemy makes us dead, with happy faces. @

Sometimes we confuse our good manners with our good sense. When being robbed, it’s best not to say please and thanks. @

And these steady assaults on our Constitution & liberty, on our traditions & sensibilities, are extremes from which we only partly unravel. @

When we DO beat back the radical leftist advances, it is only a predetermined mine-riddled “middle ground” that we “win”. @

Radical is relative to the tradition which it seeks to overrun, traditions morph by a progression of radical departures. @

Tradition in American government is enshrined in our Declaration and Constitution, and radically indecorous is its every exodus. @

Tradition in American life includes faith, family, independence, hard work, industry, and charity, and radically impolite is its every rival. @

…rudely barking ~tdv

update: 08.10.12
in·de·co·rous: conflicting with accepted standards of good conduct or good taste