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There is a sublimity in conscious rectitude – in comparison with which the treasures of earth are not worth naming.” ~J. Hawes? @ 08.16.12
note: found this quote at Webster’s 1828 Dictionary; Definition of “Rectitude

If you need a reason to be reasonable, then it is unlikely that you can be reasoned with. @ 08.16.12

Did you know that Hamilton considered the Preamble a better recognition of popular rights than any Bill of Rights? ~fed.84,par.8 @ 08.16.12
CotUS merely intended to regulate general political interests of the nation, not every species of personal & private concerns. ~fed.84,par.9 @ 08.16.12
Hamilton said of the Bill of Rights: “why declare that things shall not be done, which there is no power to do?” ~fed.84,par.10 @ 08.16.12
Ref: Federalist No.84 ~Alexander Hamilton

Fun with HashTags ~ 08.14.12 Edition ~ #ObamaDictionary
BUSINESS: 1) A bothersome piggy bank, 2) Labor union underling @
RADICAL: Any traditional activity or person @
FAILURE: The United States before Obama Monarchy @
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: Political focus group @
DEPENDENCE: 1) A high and virtuous calling 2) Perpetuity of the Democrat Party 3) Reparations by redistributive retribution @

Hope lies exclusively with the people, that they might awake from the dreams of his father. @ 08.12.12

Next VP Paul Ryan today: “We wont replace our founding principles, we will reapply them… We will honor You” @ 08.11.12
Related: His Jan’10 speech “Health Care in a Free Society” ~RESPECT for the founding principles.
Only a true Marxist progressive would view the support for America’s founding principles as radical. Wear it with honor, Mr. Ryan. @ 08.11.12
If Paul Ryan is radical, then socialism is the new norm, and the American experiment is dead. This is pure leftist progressive delusional spin. @ 08.11.12
It is Needed and Refreshing, Paul Ryan using his New Stage to expound our Founding Principles, natural rights, etc. Thank you, sir. @ 08.13.12

Yeah, maybe everything has already been said… but not everybody has heard it. @ 08.11.12

The only problem with reducing things to their simplest terms is that you really don’t have anything else to say when you’re done. @ 08.11.12

The last thing I’ll do, is the last thing I can. @ 08.10.12

The liberal/progressive way…. is just not the American way.”@Daggy1 That this needs saying, marks what they’ve done to us. @ 08.09.12

Repeal ObamaCare… Hell, let’s Repeal 95% of 20th century legislation, & all the 21st. Let the People & the States sort it out after that. @ 08.09.12

The formula we had, is the formula we have, And if we will, it shall secure us still, Our liberty to be greater again. DoI+CotUS= @ 08.09.12

Ever notice how every goodly intended Democrat scheme involves some sort of plunder? When are they Not in some or all pockets? @ 08.09.12

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