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One of these days is gonna wind up being one of those days. @ 08.19.12

Why don’t we just cancel the whole Congress thing, ya know, the people’s house, and get on with it? @ 08.19.12
Cuz we’re all aware, that benevolent bettership of an orange dictator is soooo preferred over that silly old constitution & secured liberty. @ 08.19.12
Ref: Cybersecurity: President Threatens to Override Congress
Did I say orange? Damn, I meant scarlet! Gotta get the man’s character right… sheez. BTW, I heard those chartreuses are angelic! #Vote4Hue @ 08.19.12

Enraging: People who slothfully support a progressive paradise over a responsible and proven Constitutional government. @ 08.19.12

What harm is the pat suspicion of govt. motive? If erroneous, are we not just as safe from encroachment, than if we accurately exposed it? @ 08.18.12
“…practice of arbitrary imprisonments have been, in all ages, the favourite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.” @ ~A.H. fed.84,par.5

Awesome, Disgusting, Sad~> America’s Debt Visualized

In the 1790s, it was thought unconstitutional for fed. funding of infrastructure, as locality made projects not in the “general welfare” @ 08.18.12
Ref: Essays on the Preamble ~Heritage

Government is so far removed from its intended role, that now We the People are seen as an Impeachable Offense. @ 08.18.12
“impeachments are… an essential check in the hands of (Congress), upon the encroachments of the executive.” ~fed.66,par.2

It is the foundation of responsible self-governance, a diligent citizenry. The inverse created the mess we’re in. @ 08.17.12
I’ll not judge a man who cares for his own, & knows to reason. @ 08.18.12
If all Americans took note, at Least, and Began to know our Constitution, basics, we’d be safer from the string pullers. @ 08.18.12

Wonder what portion of libs, identify as libs, only because a lib told them it’s best to be libs? @ 08.17.12

Politics: Science of govt.; preserve safety, peace, prosperity. Politician: Man of artifice, deep contrivance ~Websters1828 @ 08.17.12
Twisted is the Politician and the Politics he contrives, when continuance of either precedes liberty and lives. @ 08.17.12

The more these liberal race-baiting hacks speak, the weaker they become. Let them cobble their little constituency of fools. @ 08.17.12
RE a certain comment by msnbc’s tour’e 08.16, look it up.

As the left increasingly marginalizes itself, they serve to bolster the sanity of conservative principles. @ 08.17.12

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