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Is it unconstitutional and immoral for the government to steal from some people in order to give to undeserving lazy others, or anybody, while pitting Americans against each other? Of course, it’s evil theft for the sake of power. And what IS the government supposed to really DO, anyway?

In her latest paper entitled “God-Given Rights, Man-Made Anti-Rights, and Why ‘Safety Nets’ are Immoral”, Publius Huldah makes the case in context with the U.S. Constitution, and other sources, and as is her usual M.O., the study is well outlined, referenced, and footnoted.

It is the dogma of our time that proponents of government safety net programs hold the moral high ground. Accordingly, Democrats preen over their own “compassion”; and Republicans chime in that they too “believe in safety net programs”.

But safety net programs are unconstitutional and immoral.  They are unconstitutional because “charity” is not one of the enumerated powers of the federal government.

They are immoral because they are based on a fabricated system of man-made anti-rights which negate the Rights God gave us.

I recommend you read and share.
As well as the discussion at hand, this paper also provides a great and easy to understand overview of our Constitution, and the following section headings:

  • The Origin of Rights and the Purpose of Civil Government
  • Political Power is from The People!
  • Federalism & Enumerated Powers
  • How the federal & State Governments are to go about Securing our God-given Rights
  • What Happened?
  • A Government which Provides to Some, must Take from Others
  • Living in a Cocoon?  Or as Free and Independent Manly Men and Womanly Women?
  • The Progressives and the Regulatory Federal Government
  • Man-made “Anti-rights”
  • What Should We Do?