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How many times have we wished that we’d Not, only to forget long enough to think that we Ought? @ 09.10.12

Starving the beast makes it meaner, as we’ve seen… but in the end it either eats less or starves to death. @ 09.10.12 #govt

Obama’s convention bounce? Lead? More proof that rigamortis has set in large mass on the body of our republic. If inclined, pray. @ 09.09.12

Piety is the only proper and adequate relief of decaying man.” ~Webster’s 1828  ~@

Today’s word, kids, used in Federalist No. 80, is animadversion… which means – criticism. @ 09.07.12

Some Stunning Photos~> West Coast Trail by Patrick Latter

Yeah, my grade is ‘incomplete’, but its only cuz you stupid Americans won’t shut up and let me finish your lesson!” ~obama’s brain @ 09.06.12

Their greatest maxim is but a maximum hazard, that the fist of their government is the supreme compassionate. ~tdv @ 09.06.12 (re: dnc2012)

Just curious, the word “Czar”, is it not a “Title of Nobility”? Webster’s 1828 says it means “King”, & it is a “Title”. Art.I,§.9,c.8 @ 09.04.12

Fun with HashTags, 09.04.12 edition #DNCin4Words
@ Divide Distract Attack Pretend
@ Beg Borrow Steal … PRINT
@ Return of the KING (plagiarized from proteinwisdom)
@ Classfare Racefare Genderfare Lawfare
@ Demagogic Nihilists and Conjurers

How difficult it IS for error to escape its own condemnation.” ~Madison,fed41,end. ridiculing claim that Art.I,§.8,c.1 amounts to unlimited power @ 09.03.12

Ya know how when you say “I don’t understand”, then straight away you understand? Well I didn’t say it, & waited, & never understood. ~tdv @ 09.02.12

Read~> Socialism is as Socialism Does by Dr. Robert Owens 08.31.12
…and nobody does it better than obama. Excellent article.

Read~> Is it too late to restore constitutional liberty? by Tom Tancredo 08.20.12
A serious and important question.

You cannot separate God from the founders, or thereby presume that the founders sought to separate God from the people. @ 08.29.12
Further, to fully separate government from God would be to fully separate God from the people who govern… which of course, would be unconstitutional, and an affront to liberty. ~tdv, comments over publiushuldah re God-given rights & safety nets

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