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Time to STOP glorifying Marxist Philosophy! progressives. “Murder by Communism” 1900-87, 110 Million DEAD @ 09.22.12
Ref: Link to 1993 study By R.J. Rummel HOW MANY DID
My annotated version of Table 1, found at above link.

Anybody who is still ‘undecided’ in the 2011 election for Prez SHOULD NOT VOTE… @ 09.22.12
I mean, you’re EITHER a socialist hack, Obama faction shill, & usable drone… OR… you’re an American Patriot! What’s to DECIDE? @ 09.22.12

2011 Charitable giving: The Romneys gave $4 Million, 30% of income. The Obamas gave $162K, 22%. ~Generosity of the EVIL RICH… @ 09.22.12

Regulatory compliance (separate from tax) to Obama & Ilk cost our economy $1.8 TRILLION Yearly! THIS IS TYRANNY @ 09.21.12
Ref: $1.8 trillion shock: Obama regs cost 20-times estimate 09.20.12

Read~> The Worldwide Consequences of Obama’s Manufactured Crisis Strategy by James Simpson 09.20.12
At its core, socialism can only be parasitic.”
At this point, even the parasites will be in danger. The socialists’ internationalist agenda truly is a Conspiracy of the Lemmings. It is not merely a criminal conspiracy; it is criminally insane.”
Despite their high-minded rhetoric about saving the poor and oppressed, communists and socialists are what I call entrepreneurial parasites.”

The line in the sand never moves, but it is people who will approach, retreat from, or cross it; lest they deny it and await the tide. @ 09.19.12

A vote is but a means, to a means, to an end. The end is nothing less than the refuge for Liberty. @ 09.19.12

U-Pick: W.H. Lies are Cowardice, Cover, and/or Complicity @ 09.15.12
Ref: Carney: Protests not directed at the U.S. 09.14.12

QE3 = Lower $ value = Higher Cost of Commodities = Higher Costs to Biz & Consumers(you) = Egan-Jones US Credit Rating CUT… AGAIN @ 09.15.12
Oppression of our standard of living is Tyranny to our standard of Liberty! @

I was gonna say obama’s at war with everybody but the enemy and his voters, only he’s his voters’ foe too. They just dont know it yet. @ 09.14.12

Diplomacy has no place before Justice; barbarians have no place among men. @ 09.12.12

there will be no less reason to fear that the pestilential breath of faction may poison the fountains of justice.” Hamilton, fed.81,par.6 @ 09.12.12
~this warning was in regard to the idea that scotus should be part of the legislature, but we all know how it generally applies today. words

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