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Look for a valiant & miraculous act of justice being wrought in the middle east by the great hand of leader 0bama prior to election. ~tdv @ 10.01.12

Blame the Troops~> “Gosh darn, not only is free speech to blame for Muslim riots and murder, but it’s the US soldiers’ fault for getting shot in the back by Afghan troops because …” ~Darleen Click 10.01.12

Read~> Barack Obama’s Terrorist Attack Cover-Up by Sara Goss 09.29.12
Timeline of Benghazi, Libya 09.11.12 Terror, failure of obama admin. and the “movie” fraud

Look~> Pat Caddell at AIM 09.27.12: “Press a fundamental threat to democracy, enemy of the American people” VID & Transcript
h/t JHoward post~ Your Press at proteinwisdom.com

Transform~> The World Doesn’t Love the First Amendment, Slate, 09.25.12
 America’s now “paralyzed by constitutional symbolism” (free speech), and the left don’t like the 1st Amd. anymore. Got it. @ 09.28.12
the whole of the CotUS is a toy of relativism to these people @
It’s cliche by now, but you don’t fundamentally transform (destroying original) that which you Love. @ 


The Democrat Party is nothing but a Faction Factory, manufacturing and assembly of the group Thieves of Liberty. @ 09.30.12

If the current recipients of wealth redistribution HAD ALL the wealth, would there THEN be the same zeal to redistribute wealth? @ 09.30.12

My FAMILY health ins. prem. 2012/13: 29.7K/yr! 9.2% INCREASE over last year. 44.4% HIKE since obamacare. Affordable Care my AZZ! @ 09.29.12
…ObamaCare is a lie.

Progressive Insurance’… Isn’t this a contradiction in terms? And the name, & the ‘Snapshot’ big bro spy gadget give me the CREEPS! @ 09.29.12

Neal Cavuto, -Common Sense- monologue, FoxNews 09.28.12:
For a brief moment this morning, Chinese currency traded at highest level against the dollar…ever. The U.S. has been traded. The world is increasingly cashing OUT of us, and cashing IN on China. When you pile up debt, you pile up folks who just think you’re a joke. They no longer think you’re a BUY, they think you’re a SELL. Think of that.”
By the way, interest on federal debt is our 5th largest budget item, costing us $222.5 Billion this year. usdebtclock.org/  @ 09.28.12 ~16 TRILLION & counting


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