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So Chavez, Castro, & Putin are pull’n fer Obama, and his average voter would have no clue what that meant if you told them… @ 10.21.12

What can be more scandalous than obama’s oppresive disdain for law, theft of generational wealth, gun-running & benghazi? Gloria Allred? Joke! @ 10.21.12

If there were universal understanding of & fealty to the Constitution, then NO current Democrat would hold office, NOR would half the GOP @ 10.21.12

Life, to a leftist, begins at inception, into the religion of liberalism. The potential infidel is as worthless as the proven one. @ 10.21.12

J.Madison said “a RAGE for an Equal Division of Property” is a factious danger, “Improper, Wicked” ~fed.10,par.22 This IS Obama & progressivism @ 10.21.12

More abridgments of Freedom of the People * by gradual & silent encroachments by Those in Power * than by violent & sudden ~Madison,06.1788 @ 10.21.12

“President Obama didn’t know James Madison. Clearly, though, James Madison did know President Obama.” ~Mandi Campbell, 02.16.12

the people, stimulated by some illicit advantage, or misled by artful men, will call for a tyranny of their own passions ~Madison,fed.63,p.7 @ 10.21.12

It’s not Only that they won’t say NO, that they don’t ask WHY, it’s by the wash of their SOUL, that they covet and COMPLY. @ 10.20.12

No delusions here to my import, but plenty of illusions how I might hence purport. @ 10.20.12

#Obamnesia ~fun with hashtags 10.19.12
Forgetting what country gave you the opportunity to be President, then bashing it for not giving people a fair shot. @
Remembering America’s founding fathers: Marx, Mao, Davis, Alinsky, Ayres, Wright, Soros; and the birth of “The New Nation” ~2009

So a $Trillion spent on welfare in 2011, 90 M voters in 2010, if 1/3 (30 M) popul. on welfare, that’s $33 Thousand Per Vote. #investment @ 10.19.12
…i said it 1st… :]
Is Obama Buying the Election With His Welfare Explosion? Kudlow, 10.19.12

Our Patriotic Duty, You See~>
LIST: President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures ~Ashe Schow, 10.18.12

ARBITRARY: 1) Suffrages to leftist Obama ilk; 2) Face of democrat social schemes; 3) End Power attained by means 1 & 2. @ 10.19.12

I take no notice of an unhappy species of population.. who,during the calm of regular govt, are sunk below the level of men”~Madison,fed.43 @ 10.19.12

Been busy, tired, grateful for work, sick of news, Romney’s a start, Obama don’t like us. ~Nothing to say, so I’m saying it. @ 10.18.12

i think politics must be the art of making a bunch of friends you don’t want, so you can do stuff they don’t want. @ 10.18.12

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