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Obama IS representative, to enough of an extent, you know? THAT’s what needs to change, win or lose. ~Liberty is in hibernation @ 10.25.12

“just shut your piehole & listen”… nothin’s immune~> On Defense Spending and Shadow Welfare Ann Barnhardt 10.23.12

What’s it like to fall in line and separate yourself from your country based on factious fads? #p2 #britches #hues #gimme @ 10.25.12

…that reads “bRitches”, as in what’s in ’em being just another source of divisive popular oppression, by you and on you. @ 10.25.12

Republic: “a govt which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people” ~Madison,fed.39.par.4 #know #vote @ 10.25.12

The definition of the right of suffrage is very justly regarded as a fundamental article of republican government.” ~Madison,fed.52 #vote @ 10.25.12

He IS what he WAS before we KNEW what he will always BE… #Obama ~ #AntiAmerican @ 10.24.12

A Fine Summary~> Liberty or Tyranny: America It’s In Your Hands ~John Conrad, 10.23.12

I take no Joy in saying So Much of what I say, but my Duty is not to joy. @ 10.24.12


Posterity is never abstract. @ 10.23.12

TRANSCRIPT: Presidential debate on foreign policy at Lynn University, 10.22.12

  • Obama answered “terrorism” to the “greatest threat to security” question…. about a minute after he said he made terrorists weaker. #debate @
  • Obama said again, like few times in last debate, “we need to control our energy”. WTF does that mean? More $5 Gas? Coal out of BIZ? #debate @
  • Before we criticize Romney for not going a ‘certain somewhere’ in the #debate, consider he gets the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB). @
  • The last undecided voter, recently thawed from cryogenic stasis, saw this #debate and promptly went back to sleep. @
  • I would have preferred they just duke it. #debate @
  • Interesting in a foreign policy #debate, the words ‘Constitution’ & ‘Senate’ were NOT mentioned at all, and ‘Treaty’ only once(U.S.context). @
  • Hey! Romney’s notepad was…. WHITE! RAAAACISSST!!! Oh, it’s over now. ~Paid for by the Content of Character Coalition~ #debate :]  @

A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House The Investigative Project on Terrorism, 10.21.12 h/t proteinwisdom.com
“A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.”

Excellent~> In Obama’s World, There Is No You by Daren Jonescu //his words, concrete collective, abstract individual @ 10.22.12

Prank hacker?… or SPARK!~> CBS News affiliate runs election night banner: Obama Wins, 2 days ago! @ 10.22.12

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