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A quick FYI to obama voters and propagandist msm: The Constitution gives NO AUTHORITY to the Pres. to change the election day. Sorry progressives… @ 10.31.12

Obama dressed up like a pseudo-American four years ago today, then promptly burned the mask. Halloween can no longer hide who he is. @ 10.31.12

Every govt act beyond its Constitutional authority is a net loss to the American people, and to liberty. The Obama King is a gross loss. @ 10.31.12

Storms are like Liberals; for those in the path of their power, there is universal concern for loss of property. @ 10.28.12

My kid asked, ‘Is it true Romney’s gonna ban feminine hygiene products?’ NO JOKE – RUMORED…Said ‘Yeah, and Obama’s banning TP’…UNREAL @ 10.28.12

I am no more or less human than any of you, and presume no greater station in mind or soul. I judge mainly power, as I should. @ 10.28.12

Oh look, another Obama Exec. Order …cuz Congress says no, ya know.  ~TIME WE SAID NO! @ 10.27.12
Ref: Obama Closer to Seizing Control of Cyberspace; Exec. Order Imminent ~Joe Wolverton 10.24.12
King George III must’ve been real fond of Executive Orders (of the obama sort) & 51% of us surely know how THAT turned out :] @ 10.27.12
READ~> The President’s Enumerated Powers, Rulemaking by Executive Agencies, & Executive Orders. ~Publius Huldah’s Blog

Fundamental transformation has proven to be an aphorism for feckless and reckless abandon. It HAS to stop. @ 10.27.12

Why does the Left incessantly scheme to impose their paradise, when paradise cannot possibly be an imposition? @ 10.27.12

Liberty has never been ours to bestow, but it has always been ours to maintain. @ 10.27.12

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