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~Read bottom-to-top, the order said. Large pile, I know… been busy… takes time.

I get to vote every two years, so that should be the prison sentence for EVERY stolen or fraudulent vote! #votefraud @ 11.09.12
Stirred partly by~> Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney ~The Duffel Blog 11.07.12 “hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots were delivered hours after the deadline”

Ever the tyrant, but never the king. Obama’s mandate is an illusion. @ 11.09.12

For the rest, America is nothing more than a frigging TV show. @ 11.09.12

What was His answer? @ 11.08.12
Ref: Liberty This Day

When has there ever been such concern as to whether America could Survive a Pres.’s 2nd term? By what authority is Obama so dangerous? @ 11.05.12

If U.S. politicians would simply stick to the Constitution, we’d not have to worry so much what they do, & we’d damn sure Not be 16T in debt @ 11.05.12

The Obama Presidency is the perfect example of WHY there are Terms of Office, and of the REASON of Elections. #people #impeach #remove @ 11.05.12

Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” make not the man for “distinguished office of President” ~Hamilton, Federalist No.68, par.08 @ 11.05.12

500 Retired Generals & Admirals Proudly Support Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President & Commander-in-Chief 11.04.12
Full page ad paid or by the the top brass themselves. PDF

The Next President and the Supreme Court ~Ed Meese 11.05.12, tweeted @

This is Barack Obama: “All you need to know” ~An Extensive Reference by Discover the Networks @ 11.05.12 (document regularly updated)

November surprise: EPA planning major post-election anti-coal regulation
50 staff workin on reg that’ll cost us 700B @ 11.05.12

I had a dream, that my kids could still dream… obama wasn’t in it @ 11.04.12

Is it just me, or does it seem that for a journalist to find success these days, he just has to be a REAL reporter, & NOT toe the DNC line. @ 11.04.12

Who says all those registered Democrat early voters actually voted for Obama? @ 11.04.12

Fun with Hashtags, 11.04.12 edition, #WhyImNotVotingForObama
Because he reads the Constitution in the mirror. @
Because America is NOT finished… but WE are finished with HIM. @
Because Posterity is NOT a Rear End @
Every act touted as “Obama FOR America” is wholly contingent on the greater takings of “Obama FROM America”. @

“…with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we (ALSO) mutually PLEDGE…” I pray for BOTH @ 11.04.12

These people, the left, will never go away, but WE can reduce them to the fringe where they belong. @ 11.04.12

I think Obama and Reid’s Plan B has been in effect since ’09: Destroy U.S. Economy; Blame GOP in 2014 midterms; regain power. #lameduck @ 11.04.12

Conservatives view ignorance as an oppotunity to educate. Liberals view ignorance as a mandate to manipulate. @ 11.04.12

I suspect the likes of Barack Obama understand the principles of liberty and limited govt perfectly. They’re just opposed to them. @ 11.04.12

The Constitution does not define we people, it’s the vehicle thru which We defined government, the contract that secures us our definitions. @ 11.04.12

Every new thing I learn about our founding reinforces my faith in our republic. @ 11.04.12

Liberty, Faith, Natural rights, the Declaration, the Constitution, Justice, Equality, Strength, Prosperity… Palpable Structures of Freedom @ 11.04.12

The people, being the rightful source of power in a republic, must be informed in their authority, and inoculate themselves from schemers. @ 11.04.12

Those of us who have grown in our understanding of the American ideal, her founding principles, I pray will continue in earnest, and share. @ 11.04.12

The TEA Party, 2010, 2012, are great renewals of true American character, patient and steadfast beginnings. @ 11.04.12

The enemies of Americanism have been festering on our own soil for generations. We may lance it, but the infection is deep. @ 11.03.12

It’s weird how people on twitter can grow on you, even without ever having a conversation, and even if they don’t say much. @ 11.03.12

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