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I like yogurt, trail mix, and green tea, and that’s all that really matters when you get right down to it. These are things I like, and the tea is pomegranate flavored.

The tea and nearly-gone-trail mix are on the table before me, where the strawberry-banana yogurt was before that, in the exact same spot that the rice and beans and buttered crackers occupied a bit earlier. I like beans, too, but my wife don’t much, which matters, too.

Now the trail mix is gone, but that’s okay, they have stores, and gas stations. For now, I still have my tea, which by the way I leave the bag in till it’s drunk, and that’s all that really matters.

The television’s on, mostly for background noise. That don’t matter but I think it’s supposed to, ’cause how else do I know who I am? Still can’t figure out why I never see anyone on TV eatin’ beans, rice, crackers, yogurt, and trail mix, and sipping some nice hot green-red tea, never in the same show, you know. Maybe I missed it, whilst the box served as background noise.

I heard that some really important people decided that yogurt, trail mix, and green tea were not such a good idea. They were on television, I heard. Maybe, again, in the background?

I need to boil some water, now. That’s all that really matters. Then I’m off to the gas station, then to the store, to buy the rest of the yogurt, trail mix, and pomegranate green tea that they have, before it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Next month, if they still gave gas and stores, I’ll still have rice and beans and buttered crackers, I think, and that’s all that really matters.