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The Constitution is the Governor of the government. (ya know, engines use a ‘governor’ device to regulate power & prevent self-destruction) @ 11.15.12

Too many sayin’ who says, not enough sayin’ SAYS WHO!?… That’s what I’m sayin’. @ 11.14.12

We should expect that our tyrants have anticipated whatever the form of our defiance. @ 11.12.12

Where we go from here is precisely where our grandchildren will wind up. I pray they will know where we almost went. #liberty #posterity @ 11.12.12

Bet there’s NO Exit Poll data in those 59 Philly divisions where Romney got Zero votes. #votefraud @ 11.12.12


So obama’s ‘win’, facilitated by division, lies, cover-up, media complicity, vote fraud, & exploiting the ignorant, means WE cease to EXIST? @ 11.12.12

Just a Warm-up~> 6,125 O’admin Proposed Regulations and Notifications Posted in Last 90 Days–Ave. 68/day h/t @mclean_2  @ 11.11.12

White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 states ~David Martosko 11.11.12
…wonder if this occurred in ’08, or ’04 even? @ 11.12.12

The Fallout Has Begun…Welcome to the societal version of Nuclear Winter by Bob Belvedere 11.11.12
Quoting Editing Mike Hendrix: “May the Moron Majority have joy of their tin God ‘Golden Calf’ and all his mighty works.”

Seeing these R’s & D’s on FNS talking about the cliff… come away thinking SCHEMERS all, and I don’t know what the hell they’re saying. @ 11.11.12

Preparation does not portend inevitability, but rather is a bulwark against surrender to a possibility. @ 11.11.12

Great Read~> After Obama: The Coming Reign of Incredibly Small Government
By Andrew K. Boyle 11.11.12

Libs trounce biz w/ regulation, obamacare – biz lays-off & part-times workers to survive – libs boycott biz… now That’s LOGIC!!! @ 11.11.12

Despair! Again the Executive branch is Tyrannical… Did we FORGET that Constitutional Checks & Balances exist? #House #States #JustSayNO @ 11.11.12

Some anger comes from the same place as love. @ 11.09.12

Liars, CHEATS, and thieves… any of the above is bad, and ALL of the ABOVE is EVIL, the left, obama, and his corrupt media and enablers. @ 11.09.12

In addition to the Left being ‘ALL OF THE ABOVE’ liars, cheats & thieves, that’s how they see themselves hovering over rest of US. @ 11.09.12

Why Accept Tyranny and Ruin? ~J.Robert Smith 11.09
…or WHEN will we accept, separate from, or just say “Enough” of it? @ 11.09.12

Boehner: “Obamacare is forever”… “TEA Party Caucus Never”… and this guy “speaks” for OUR representatives? @ 11.09.12

Prepare for Liberty~> RT @Wendypowerboatr “Maybe we all just need to ‘Shrug'”… @ 11.09.12

Wonder how many voted to lose their jobs… because they COULD!? @ 11.09.12

Well done America … the following companies have all announced layoffs …” [Darleen Click] …after the not-near-inclusive-list, there’s this, just makes my stomach sick:

I’m a California Republican (I know, masochistic, right?) and the local talk radio is full of small business owners calling in and discussing their plans. One man, owner of a trucking firm in Ventura — 75 employees, $6 mill payroll, discussed how even as times have been tough over the last few years, he’s made it a point to make his payroll, even dipping into his own savings. He was walking by the breakroom and heard some of his employees snickering about the election and they had wanted Obama to stay President to make sure the rich pay. He then thought “what am I putting myself at risk? He then went and canceled his order for 6 new trucks (approximately $600,000 worth of an order) and is planning to layoff 20 or more people. So sad, too bad.

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