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Can’t say what I’m REALLY thinking, except parchment, a sock, flies, sweat o’sloth, glass, laurel, a book, a son, and an empty box. @ 11.21.12

Paraphrasing Krauthammer on O’Reilly: It’s over, till it’s over, that’s when it can be fixed. @ 11.20.12

Chipping away at the problem is contingent on a measure of time, but a progressive century has unfortunately proven the method. @ 11.20.12

I’m not prepared to give up, but it’s best I prepare for the damage done by those who did. ~what a waste @ 11.20.12

I think obama’s re-coronation drills down to two things, ultimately: fear and fraud. Apply either, or both, to whatever. @ 11.19.12

Interesting, little states can buck the omnipotent fed. govt when it comes to smokin’ dope, but obamacare… that’s a done deal? #nullify @ 11.19.12

What better way to destroy “the genius of republican liberty”(fed.no.37) than to destroy the genius of the people whose liberty makes it up? @ 11.18.12

There is a difference between Barack Hussein Obama and the President of the United States@ 11.18.12

I hate the word “activist”, as it conjures the radical & destructive stereotype. But this doesn’t mean I am prohibited from being “active”. @ 11.18.12

If the simple truth doesn’t work, then the simple truth cannot work, and the problem lies not with your powers of persuasion. #politics @ 11.17.12

WHO is it that Calculates whether vote fraud is WORTH prosecution? I mean, election outcome notwithstanding, Punish these bastards! #justice @ 11.17.12

If we’re going to need two Part-Time jobs to survive, due to obamacare, isn’t that gonna double commuter vehicle emissions? progressives? algore? @ 11.17.12

Rather than raise prices, biz’s to add an obamacare surcharge to the bill/receipt! Let people SEE the COST! Excellent! @ 11.17.12

Government is only another word for POLITICAL POWER AND SUPREMACY” (emphasis Hamilton’s). Why would you CEDE more than agreed? ~No.33,p.07 @ 11.17.12
SUPREMACY only means ‘highest in authority’; there is no highest in humanity or virtue, and only One Supreme Judge. @ 11.17.12

Even IF the Left COULD create ‘paradise’ on earth, I’d rather not live in it. @ 11.17.12

The last thing I remember didn’t happen… yet? @ 11.16.12

Jase:”Ya want somethin done, ya do it yourself” Si:”That’s what started this company” Jase:”That’s what started this COUNTRY”#duckdynasty @ 11.16.12

I’ve not seen or heard or read ANY news today. Ignorance truly IS bliss… I don’t think I like bliss… gonna check on @seanhannity @ 11.15.12

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