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Wonder if it’s ever too late to learn what needs to be taught before it’s too late? @ 11.25.12

So Pravda says we’re illiterate, the “United Socialist States of America”… I get it, but since when do we care what they say, generally? @ 11.25.12

constitution: n. 6. A system of fundamental principles for the government of Rational and social Beings. ~So THAT’s why the left hates it. @ 11.24.12

Take a number, take a pill, we’ve votes to buy, and just because. ~the central govt. #obamacare @ 11.24.12

Isn’t it so, that the enemies of liberty would wish, precisely, that free men presume themselves defenseless against any trespass? @ 11.23.12

If you cannot love your country, if you cannot love your God, then what can you love? @ 11.23.12

Thanksgiving Day reminded me that Democrats actually have the capacity to be… LIKABLE… :] @ 11.23.12

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