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What doesn’t change, except change itself, is the regular search for what doesn’t change.

That we are, that we live, doesn’t change until it does, which doesn’t change that we were, or that still they are.

That it has been done, that it has been written, that at that time it was, doesn’t change.

The truth of it doesn’t change, only its versions and inventions.

Unending movement… doesn’t change… so far that we know.

Freedom and liberty, whether synonymously construed, or distinguished as the latter being the former’s responsible articulation, or separated by whatever your metaphysical sensibilities and frames of reference, these do not change, in their primitive and natural perceptions, or in the perpetual motions in defense of, and offense to, their principled and infinite illustrations, by individual human beings.

Nothing then is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man.

 ~Thomas Jefferson to J. Cartwright, 1824.

there exists good and evil, doesn’t change.

 Finally, what doesn’t change, is the certainty that most people who happen across this article will never make it to this line.



Image credit:
Link: Bible Cross Reference Visualization. By Chris Harrison, in collaboration with Christoph Römhild. 63,779 individual arcs.
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Please visit Chris’ site via the link for explanatory, higher resolutions, or to order prints, and to see other interesting illustrations.
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