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To be savior, you create factions, inciting them against slandered innocents, all for power, greed, and revenge. Not who, but what are you? @ 11.30.12

art.I,§.7,c.1: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…” so… originate already. #gop @ 11.29.12

The phrase “It’s a free country” didn’t die off because it became cliche. It died as it no longer applied, as freedom had been traded in. @ 11.29.12

That our standard of living so regularly & increasingly hangs by a thread dangled by a govt with no such vested power, just pisses me off! @ 11.29.12

Perspective … and an evolved point of view on the greater gamble @ 11.29.12

All it takes is money that you didn’t earn, taken from someone you don’t know, with consequences you don’t care about. That’s all it takes. @ 11.28.12

The problem isn’t him, so much, as it is all those people who think they’re supposed to like him so much. @ 11.28.12

If you CANNOT question the authority of your government, you are enslaved. If you WILL NOT question it, you are a fool! ~tdv #liberty @ 11.28.12

Over/above the $16T debt, Think $87T in promises we can’t pay for, $7T accrued last year! http://market-ticker.org/post=214320  ~h/t @AnnBarnhardt ~@ 11.27.12

Is obama as outraged about this as he was about the ‘video’? Or would he say the “future must belong” to the artist. @ 11.27.12

Raising taxes on the ‘wealthy’ serves ONLY ONE purpose: Divide and demoralize the conservative electorate! @ 11.27.12
Related: Congressman: Obama’s tax increases fund government for eight days 11.28.12

Yep, America’s become a freaking TV show, and the only people left with any sense don’t have a set. @ 11.26.12

Imagine the day when Congress will meet, and adjourn, admitting of nothing to do, and having done nothing. @ 11.26.12

We didn’t hire Republicans to bend over. We hired them to stand up. @ 11.26.12

Lawless to tell doctor what’s ailing you during obamacare “free” annual exam, but he’s mandated to tell YOU about seat belts @ 11.26.12

Wow. Read.~> The Parchment-Thin Veil of Civility By Glenn Fairman 11.26.12
“a savage living under my skin”… @ 

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