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Find the blameful, divine the shameful, not the you, but only you, may construct the shroud that will darken the calamity of nature from our eye. Keep us, forevermore insulated, reactional saviors.

Oh polit’, apply thy readied universal reaction on their tragedy detached, place us, align our minds; by your will we are ever haven crated. Enwrapped, we pause.

Interject us in this, create us in this, yea, this cannot be theirs but all’s, and yours; as you oh polit’ patiently waited, this our edification mustn’t be lost beneath our mere mountains of mourning.

Let us perceive your compassionate and wise countenance, that we may be still, and visit upon us your mindful messengers, that we may know our novel and narrow lines, and be channeled till the next catastrophic elucidation.

~tdv, subject