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If every American knew the SOURCE of government stuff, we’d be well on our way, ’cause THEN we could separate the ignorant from the thieves.

Some will say “What can I do to be free?”, some “I am afraid”, others “I’ll take it nonetheless”. Two of these, our countrymen, we can help.

So, the source of all that “free” stuff, is the people, by their hands and minds. Govt TAKES before it gives, it borrows (future TAKES) before it gives, or govt prints money (TAKING from its value) before it gives. From ALL who earn and own, from ALL who did and will, earn and own, it is taken, with nary a thanks.

What’s worse is that this “provider” government of ours is so thoroughly entrenched in the lives of the people, that when they learn that the programs on which they rely and take for granted are actually funded out of the pockets of their neighbors and family, the people are fearful of honorably weaning themselves and finding the dignity of their liberty. But this, is how the govt wants it to be. It is the politicians job security, and his infinite station among the elite, when he is wholly depended upon for all that which he has no claim.

Would you dare ask your neighbor for what you demand from government?
…by the way… Would you approach anyone you know and say, “You have too much, so GIVE ME some!” or “I am entitled to your food” or “Pay my doctor bill!” or “I don’t care if you can afford to send your kid to school or not. PROVIDE for MY school!”

Retribution is at the beginning and end of re.dis.tribution
There are powerful people in government who have massive chips on their shoulders. Motivated by both general and specific disdain, they punish by taking property and redistributing it to those whom they favor, and to those who will promote their reprisals. As well, many in government believe that America is evil at its core, and merely USE redistribution and class warfare as a divisive and manipulative tool to affect fundamental transformation of this country.

Government is a confiscatory shadow, and a bright light of charity. It is no accident that citizens are in the dark.
Notice that government always makes itself the popular hero, the rescuer, the primary and perpetual benevolent and indispensable entity. And if that govt happens to be controlled by Democrats, preferably of the most leftist non-traditional variety, we hear the great wonders of the great government trumpeted from the rooftops of every popular media venue imaginable. Rarely do we hear any tell of govt’s oppressive and unjust schemes of punitive taxation and control, or the overall pillaging of current and future American wealth, that funds their so-called charity.

So there you go. It won’t matter till we all know, when mostly what will matter is who it matters to.