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Leftists think they have the ‘authority’ to pick and choose which clauses of the Constitution are defensible, and which are dispensable

…The left will trumpet and defend its rights to free speech & press, using them to dispense with the right to be armed, and worship

…also notice that among the Constitutional clauses that leftists find defensible, only partial, relative protection is warranted

…Freedom of speech is only championed by the left, where that speech champions the left

…This relativism is the problem with leftists; they are devoid of consistency in core principles, which has always made them dangerous

…as the left imagines it is principled, to that end, they circumvent the Constitution’s principled machinery, diluting it, endangering us.~


A beauty of the U.S. Constitution is the brevity by which it provides for We the People to measure our government

…The ugliness of liberalism is the sacrifice of constitutional footings for complex, arbitrary govt, that serves to measure We the People.~