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With so much law, with so broad the scope of govt, when does the phrase “law abiding citizen” become synonymous with “FOOL”? @

We spend much of our life’s labor buying a decent home. Now, each taxpayer’s portion of the national debt is just as much labor: $146,000 @

#ObamaFoeAmerica: Overwhelm, bankrupt, distract, intimidate, corrupt, divide… ~Thank God we have the Constitution to keep us focused. @

Every political thing boils down to the U.S. Constitution, and to the Constitutions of the States respectively. THIS is WHY they EXIST. @

When, to even the foolish it is evident, the destruction that leftist power was responsible for, will they be held responsible for it? @

Rush: “You want to stop abortions, require they be done with a gun.” @

Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but nobody’s entitled to my opinion…  @

Myths make the truth look stupid. @

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