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It is uncanny that we have come so far as a nation that when we are reunited with fundamental truth, that even the many who purport to defend such truth are taken aback by it, finding it too extreme to fully embrace, as if truth is somehow impracticable given the multitudinous so-called “precedents” that buried it. Truth is feared, so it is deemed pliable to whims and political popularity.

Such is the case with federal gun control; that in truth it is unconstitutional at its core and thereby unlawful; that no federal power to govern our right to bear arms was ever intended by the founders or authorized by us; and that while some in government stand against the current onslaught against our natural right to self-defense, they also cede other infringements as reasonable, so as to seem reasonable.

But for others still, fundamental truth is entirely reasonable, and arguing for it is as paramount as the truth itself. Our friend of liberty and the Constitution has shared with us just such an argument in a recent speech, with logic and a fortitude that is sorely lacking in our government “representatives”. I hope you will watch and share:
Publius Huldah Shows Federal Gun Control is Unlawful
(on her blog: “Understanding the Constitution”)


Update: 03.07.2013 ~add video

Found this related video after posting the above and wanted to add it here for the sake of posterity, and as well to show the application of truth in the context of a more official setting.

This is the Feb. 27, 2013 Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding SB0250, a Bill that expands existing TN law to address unconstitutional federal action in the State with respect to firearms and ammunition, seeking to declare those actions a nullity, or to make them void, invalid, and illegal in the State of TN.

The focus of the hearing includes both the question of the Constitutionality of federal gun laws, and the fundamental question as to who is the final arbiter of the Constitutionality of ANY Federal Act.

At the 25:20 mark begins testimony by Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center.
At the 31:00 mark begins statement by Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah, followed by a Q&A session with her that runs from 37:30 to 1:03:00.

It is all wonderfully informative, though unfortunately rushed, and I hope you’ll watch.