Phil began his existence in utter obscurity; warm, tiny, comfortable, unimportant oblivion was the what that he was.  Such was Phil’s parallel to our own smaller selves, till as is it with us, comes the growth and the call.

But the variance betwixt Phil and us, his latter metamorphosis being never the ordinance of nature, is the great mystery of his great expansion.  Even that he had the choice to arise, to expand and be known, or to remain in the safe confines of his beloved host surroundings, was entirely unknown.

Put aside the oddity of his path, questions remain as to the force that drove his choice to take that path.  Some speculate that a yearning to mimic his environment led Phil to his transformation.

Many as well note the strangeness that Phil’s evolution happened in reverse of our ordinary, having the call before the growth (if that really is the normal flow of things).


Then there was the scale of Phil’s appearance on the scene, grand that it was.  His outing was imposing, even off-putting to all, except for his oddly accepting host.  Such greatness was Phil’s growth that his immediate banishment became the instant consensus response to him.

A plan was hatched, and after nudging his host that Phil’s expulsion was in her best interest, she reluctantly agreed. On the eve of his exile, she threw for him a most modest party.

It was made so on the morn, the riddance of Phil, was made so.

In his stead lies a permanent mark, and with it, as a matter of style, Phil left behind his party hat.