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I think this is where I’m supposed to offer up that sagely advice that will carry you through life with happiness and peace and security and dignity. But I’m pretty sure I’ve already done that a time or four.

Besides, it’s not like my wisdom and experience and knowledge and intelligence is expected to go missing when you are eighteen-and-a-day, you know. I mean, you are not going into exile… (are you?)

So rather I’ll use the opportunity of this milestone to say one thing:

Thank You.

For enriching my life beyond measure, for making me a better man, for having the strength to continue so that we might know you, for being you, and for being my daughter, thank you. I am proud to be your Dad.

Happy Eighteenth, Kid! I love you.

Live, and be ready to live.

P.S.  Boys are still bad.


Art by Olga Drozd, found at Masterfile.com