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One of our kids is beginning high school this year, and it is my charge to select or construct the curriculum for history in our home school. As well, it is for me to oversee this portion of her education in the coming years.

I do not take this responsibility lightly, which is the reason for this letter, posted both publicly, and privately to people whom I respect.

It is my hope that you might offer some guidance in this endeavor, that my child and I may avoid wasted investments of time, energies, and cash in history books and/or programs whose sole purpose is to manipulate history to dovetail with an anti-American agenda, which to me defines itself as anywhere to the left of our founders, counter to the principled Unanimous Declaration, and at odds with the original intent of our Constitution.

What I’d like to offer my daughter is a solid foundation in honest history, in its proper context; something that she can build upon throughout her life, and that will protect her from being taken in by the spinners and string pullers.

Which history to trust, that’s my dilemma… (getting her interest is a whole ‘nother problem :] )

If you could share your experience with trustworthy sources of American and World History, or your knowledge of any reliable curriculum or structured reading lists, or if you have any other advice to offer (other than sending our kid to public school), we would be grateful in hearing it.

Please comment on the post, or send a note to subconch@gmail.com ~Thanks