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…at least for some drugs… until some further notice…

I don’t know about you all, but my family has a close and enduring and trusting relationship with our pharmacist. It is akin even to the bond we have with our doctors, who likewise we have regular interaction.

Today, when dropping off a routine prescription, our local pharmacist hesitated, saying momentarily, that they may not be able to fill one of them, while internally determining firstly if they had enough left in stock, and secondly the amount of money they’d have to ‘eat’ in the transaction. You see, as yet another consequence of the so-called ‘law’ named Obamacare, the wholesale cost of a wide range of drugs has necessarily skyrocketed.

What this means to our pharmacist of course is that it costs them more to buy the drugs, and in this case, 400% more (in other cases a greater deal more). And since this drug costs them more, they must in turn charge us more for it.

Then here is the deal. Our insurance plan (and the plans of many others), for the time being, and until and if then, some undetermined time, will only reimburse our pharmacist for this drug at the rate they were paying prior to the insane overnight spike in the cost of this drug. As a result, our pharmacist can no longer afford to sell us this drug (taking a loss), and must send us packing, toward the closest big-chain drug store, who might better be able to afford to absorb the loss.

Frankly, I am incensed at this. We Americans were promised that we could keep our health plans, that we could keep our doctors, should the Affordable Care Act become law. For millions of us, and for millions more to come, the promises are proven nothing more than hollow, malicious, manipulative lies. And now, apparently, neither can we keep our pharmacists.

Now I’ve not done research whatever into this situation, having only spoken to our pharmacist, and then taken to my pen in protest, but aside from the obvious and blatant affront to our liberty by the federal government that this represents, this pharmaceutical gouge reeks of backroom deals between fat-assed lobbyist nobles and fat-assed power-hungry politicians. This is tyranny.

We know we are not going to keep our health plans, we know that our health costs are going to be more expensive (my premiums have risen 82% since the PPACA was passed), we know we are not going to keep our doctors, we know we are not going to keep our full-time jobs, and now, we can guess that we can’t keep our pharmacists, either.

We could also say we won’t get to keep our country, if we had not lost that a good time ago.

Elections have consequences, and thanks to you, my family and millions of other families are being harmed, millions more are set to see their harm, and ultimately, so too will you be harmed. And do not for a minute think that obamacare is the end of it.

~tdv, pissed