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I give up. Most everybody has given in, fore they chanced the giving up. Why do you think zombies are so popular? Rectangles, shimmering rectangles, you know what for, they say. Reality TV takes the place of reality in me.

Have you ever been around somebody who does something wrong in your mind, dishonest, or recommends you do likewise, where you have the strength to keep your principles and say no, but are too weak to criticize them? Just let it go? Guilt follows? Yeah, me neither.

Can’t stand people who make decisions for me, unless I ask them to. Yet then, if they make decisions for me of the sort that I didn’t ask them to make, they are worse. It is your call, but only it. Understand? Elsewise, leave me be. Understand?

If someone gave me a dollar, first I gave them my time. If someone gives me their time, and he does not take my dollar, he is likely a friend, unless the time he gave me was spent wasting my time. People who demand dollars without the exchange of time, are thieves, unless they have been wronged, then they are seeking justice; but as they define justice as other than justice, and blame the blameless, they are still thieves.

I give up. Right ain’t right. All the good folks keep their tongue, while the lowlifes never shut up their public cackling. All you ever see. Rectangles, shimmering, through cracks. Fun at times, even instructive, but please God, put them on a timer.

Waaaah. Keep crying. Works for babes, and the last time it worked for me, I was a babe, and since, I just got uglier. Actually, since I’ve no recall of it, and judging by my current features alone, it is a good bet that I was an ugly babe, and all my crying got me then was a kick. I will ask Mom. Kick me.