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Maybe I will count my Blessings now. They are the Crowd among which my grumblings hide.

The Christ that is Christmas; the Family that has made me and the Family that is of me; the Country that is the ready bounty of liberty; the Dignity that is the labors of my mind and hand; the People who have sacrificed for mine and me; the Wise who instruct me; and the Enterprise that sustains me. Blessings. Counted.

The Memories that I keep. Counted, as acquired. Blessings.

My senses. Blessings, such as they are. Counted.

Home: The pantry, the well, the walls, the warmth, the comfort, the wire, the dog, my socks, my hats, the love, and the longing to be here when I am not. Counted. Here. Blessings.

Thanksgiving at Christmas. This morning. Today. Blessings. Counted. Counting…



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