SubConch (“ch” not “ck”) is a simple outlet for yet another random individual… me (~tdv).

Update from More About SubConch… or… Piss Off

I’ve always wanted to write, and subconch.com is me finally getting around to it. This weblog is simply an experimental, organizational, structural, and sharpening tool for a chaotic mind. And aside from the practice in writing itself, on a more philosophical level, I seek to coalesce my understandings of life, family, faith, and country in such ways that gives me a fundamental prism through which to view the world each day.

This is where Twitter is added to the toolbox, providing a perfect place to park the smaller musings, and as well view similarly the thoughts of other decent and patriotic Americans.

It is the basic truths that I aspire to reach and articulate, mainly for my own use, for it is overwhelming the string pullers and the ease of getting strung. In the realm of politics and government, I default to the founding principles of the United States of America for two primary reasons; 1) those principles created an environment where individuals created the greatest country in earth’s history, and 2) I do not presume to be wiser than the founders, ceding the success cited in reason number 1.

In the grand scheme of things, I am nobody, one in 300 million or so. I have no delusions as to my import on the national stage, and by extension, neither should you have any such delusions as to the import of your snide comments on this humble and novice hobby blog.

Expect some profundity (not profanity, dummy), compulsive conciseness, some random idiocy, questions, ideas, and other assortments of observations. My distractions and attentions cannot be named “poetic prose” or even “prosaic poetry”, as I don’t believe I’m smart enough to even be between… but I’ll call these diversions prosetry anyway.

Me? I’m more or less a traditional American, proudly so, and truly respect our liberty and independence. I believe in God, family, hard work, integrity, duty, and honor. I believe in the principles in our Declaration of Independence , and in the contract that is the Constitution of the United States, and more broadly, the concept of man’s natural right to liberty, and the proper and limited role of government being the securing of liberty.

I hate liars, cheaters, thieves, and wish the slackers would just get off their ass, and people would mind their own business.

I’m a proud Dad and love my family greatly, and come from a large one. Mechanical designer / draftsman by trade, and take great pride in my work. Probably tried every job known to man before that, and worked hard at each.

The name? SubConch sounds kinda short for subconscious with a “ch”, which it may be, coupled subliminally to a conch, or spiral shell, or abode of hermit, analogous of many a blogger…. Moreover, SubConch was available as username and URL, thereby, it had to mean something. (\ˈkäŋk, ˈkänch, ˈkȯŋk\)

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Contact Me: subconch at yahoo dot com or subconch at gmail dot com
updated: 02.27.2012, 04.25.2012

3 thoughts on “about”

  1. Hate liars, cheats and theives….agreed.

    Your notations and reflections are from a generation when people were judged by their actions, responsibility, morality and behavior…not by the year, make of auto,size of house or style of clothing.

    God bless you and hopefully you will continue the good work.

  2. investigator25: Is it that obvious that my generation is not of, let’s say, a current variety?? :] :] :]

    Your comment is profoundly true of course, and thank you for it. I’m one-of-nine children, who were reared humbly without ever the notice that our means were humble. Maybe it is that this environment left ample room for the retention of central themes such as the disdain for liars, cheats, and thieves (a common line from my Dad).

    Anyway, thanks ma’am, for the visits, and the bit of encouragement. ~tdv

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