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That which is beyond human reason is reason enough to… @

Doubt is the first impression of truth. @

Greatness rests in the aftermath of doing something at all. @

Reality finally teaches you that you are. @

The last thing I do is unlikely to be the thing I want to be the last thing I do. @

Reason, this was the victim, this action, a symptom. @

Time and again, we people delegate authority to our representatives, then must exercise our authority to protect ourselves from them. @

An oath, a contract, confirms honor’s will, or exposes honor’s want. @

We have so deliberated and rehabilitated the human design that it ceases its own consent to be. @

We are so drowned in policy and the politic that we cannot surface for a single breath of freedom. @

Note: The preceding random musings are mine. ~tdv (@subconch) The @ symbols take you to the specific quotes on twitter if you care to RT, Favorite, or Reply.