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There are objects of my mind, some long settled and newly reasoned, things that bear such weight, that the consequence of their mention is prohibitive… at least in my mind.

Words from my reason, my ideas, may not only be such that bind and bend the different soul in a particular circumstance, they as well can be of a sort that cannot be entrusted to any or as many and great, that these may be turned in upon, and find harm to invisible men.

But these same compulsive ponderings on the effect of my expounding, that lead me silent, might have a result counter to my imagining, and do damage by their never being heard.

It is a bit of a curse, I think, a sort of hyper-diligence to duty, to honor and responsibility, that I self-censor so. As well I sit with a bit of distrust. It’s not either that I fancy myself some immortal pillar of virtue, for the contrary is clear. Nor is it that I think so highly of mine own creations, for that opposite potentiality is half of the conundrum.

So I’ll take council with my God, as we have kept and may keep these unspoken, lest a man offer to guide my voice, whom I’ll promptly ignore, and return to my original council.

Existence of a liberty no more justifies its particular exercise, than its passiveness renders it just.


UPDATE 10.01.12: To clarify, this writing has NO bearing on our Constitutionally protected freedom of speech! Don’t try to make the connection between this article and recent calls for Americans to shut up to appease Islamic murderers, as I firmly believe these calls are dangerous to our republic, and downright idiotic.
This article is simple introspection, and any correlation inferred by you radical leftist America-haters is pure hog sh!t before it’s even digested.