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Related: FYI, I’ve updated my post: Somebody Needs to Make the Case For The Constitution to include the full article as published on American Thinker.

I’d hoped that its publishing might encourage (or bring forth) the greater summaries than my own on this, “the greatest governing document ever devised”. But to that end it is apparent that some promotion is needed to draw those who have it in them, whoever they be, whatever their station, to make their case for the Constitution of the United States, with the aim of inviting our countrymen to it.

Why? Well, it’s under attack, and those who are against the Constitution are increasingly open with their disdain for it. Even our government presumes to place itself above that which governs THEM, and that which protects US.
The Constitution is a GOOD THING, and people need to know this, and know why, lest they be swayed by charlatans to throw away the underpinnings of the greatest society known to man. It’s simple really, though it seems it ought to go without being said, it still needs to be said.

Honestly, I think that the merits of the United States Constitution should be the central focus of political discussion in our time. I applaud the many who already make the the case, but there should be more if it, and it should be everywhere.

Alas, promotion is no suit of mine. I’m just a regular person, but as I have a number of friends-of-the-Constitution on twitter, I’ve made an attempt at getting something started, circulating there the “hashtag” (a keyword or theme) #CaseForTheConstitution . The idea was simply to get people writing tweets, posting quotes, or sharing links in support of our Constitution, and that some of these might find their way outside the confines of twitter, or light a similar spark in other, more generally visible venues.

If you have something to add, something to share, something you’ve written or read; be it poetic, or artistic, be it philosophical, or witty, or flat-out simple truth; if you’ve a better way or place to go about it altogether, then by all means… WE are all ears and eyes. As well, use your social networks and blogs, but PLEASE confirm the truthfulness in what you share!

Below are some contributions to the hashtag #CaseForTheConstitution on twitter (you don’t need an account to view them all). Note that many are mine, only because I was trying to get the tag started. Hope to find this post regularly updated :]

First, a few links:

Making the Case for the Constitution




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