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Independence need not be limited as a declaration of the United States, for it is equally suitable for the individual to assert.

Traditional Americans will gain conservative representation in November 2012, and the politicians we entrust will begin the long and arduous process of unraveling the mountainous, overbearing, corrupt government that is our current state, they will initiate the return of our country to the constitutional representative republic that it was intended to be, and activate the revival of  the founding principles that made her great.

Yes, men can govern themselves. But let us remember that men are men, and those we choose to govern are no more perfect than ourselves, and they will need the aide of we governed, not just our consent, especially in this time.

There is more, though, that brings me to the subject of this post. When we win, what then? The bitter reality is that the government is so entrenched, and of such great and myriad consequence, that its proper diminution in the life of the individual must logically be consequential as well.

As we the people demand the return of limited government, we must therefore be prepared, without the hand of government, to aide our fellow countrymen, and even ready ourselves, in the transition away from government. Left to our own devices,  as appropriate, we must rely on our own devices.

I believe our conversations leading to November, and subsequently January, should follow two tracks, first the obvious failure and necessary removal of the socialists in power, and second, the practicability of our newly won, rightful, and responsible independence. It is easy for a voter to consider national interests, but when he is trapped by the fingers of government, his vote becomes selfish, in his mind, a matter of survival. Many know by instinct today’s corruptions, but fear voting their conscience would be self-destructive, so people need an alternative.

In this vein, I see a market ripe for fulfilling the needs of people in their move to independence. Here, I think, is a perfect opportunity for the evil capitalism, the greedy entrepreneur, yeah, Americanism, to prove once again their worth.

Let us create products and services that aid the independence of the individual and his transition away from the corrupting influence of government. Reducing the size and reach of gov’t will grow the economy, but increasing individual independence will grow the economy and enhance the dignity of our people.

What specific transitional needs do you envision? How can your business facilitate these needs for your customers? What can you offer to help the man help himself that will also solidify and grow your customer base? What new product or service can launch a business in this market? What does government do that you can do better, and without intrusion? Ask the questions, help solve the problems, help your fellow American from under the government thumb, make a buck.

Anxious to see what, if anything comes of this idea. Please comment, trackback, share, or even discuss without me. I only wish to see the country I love return to what I love, secured liberty, that is, responsible freedom, and the dignity and value that independence brings to her people.