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Right about the time I decide to stop talk’n to myself, somebody always says, “I hear ya”. @ 07.01.12

Every thing the left does is an attack on our sensibilities and an insult to our national character. @ 06.30.12

Success by force, and failure by force, have one thing in common… government. @ 06.30.12

If you’re unwilling to accept America as exceptional, then you’re unwilling to accept America at all. So Git! @ 06.30.12

Fire ALL Democrats, bug the sh!t out of Republicans! #CotUS2012 We’ve got generations of Undoings to UnDo. @ 06.30.12

No society is guaranteed perpetuity, and apathy in society is assured transience. @ 06.30.12

Bad enough we are being Forced by the Tyrants to buy a product, but even worse is that the product SUCKS! (ObamaCare) @ 06.30.12

It p!sses me off when a democrat voter snob tries to act like they, and their govt, have some exclusive license on compassion. @ 06.29.12

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