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The painful need for weaning illustrates the Evil that encourages our dependence and makes us subservient! @ 10.09.12
Utopia has an Aftermath. @ .
Ya know, if everybody just took care of their own, it would be much easier for everybody to just take care of their own. @ .

These are the ends of the statist left wing; divide us with distrust, fear & hate, then claim the mantle of exclusive restraint, to bind us. @ 10.09.12

Fast & Furious and Benghazi have More in common than death, incompetence, and cover-up. @ 10.08.12

#ObamaCampaignIn3Words I Didn’t Happen @ 10.08.12 ~hashtag fun

To a Conservative, a vote is for a Representative. ~ To a Liberal, a vote is for a Replacement. Delegate ~ Relegate CHOOSE  @ 10.08.12

Screaming thru a wormhole to unknown time and space, yearning for original molecular integrity, is like… after voting for a progressive. @ 10.08.12

Obama said in Jun’07 “The bullet (racism) hasn’t been taken out” while a sitting U.S. Senator. The Surgeon is his Enemy, as well as truth. @ 10.06.12
Ref: speech excerpt via daily caller 

With so much pseudo-science/govt, any REAL & perilous truth that may come from either, finds itself ignored by default. @ 10.05.12
Ref: ‘GMO Ticking Time Bomb’ 10.05 h/t @Libertarian_ish

SCAM 7.8% Unemployment # ~ Means “342,000 people left the U.S.” in Sept! BOGUS 29 yr record drop! U-6 Stays at 14.7% @ 10.05.12
~corruption knows no bounds

Debate Question: Besides the contempt for Constitutional government, what is the greatest threat to our individual liberty? @ 10.03.12
side note: mysteriously, this never got asked… must’ve missed the memo.
PDF Transcript of First 2012 Presidential Debate 10.03.12 via wsj
In the 10.03 Prez. debate, the U.S. Constitution was ONLY uttered ONCE, by Mitt Romney ~This document should be at forefront of all debate @ 10.05.12

Never let a crisis go to waste… especially the one you creates. @ 10.02.12

Just think’n, if Susan Rice was duped to spread W.H. Lies days after Benghazi Terror Act of War, wouldn’t she resign in protest? ~complicit @ 10.02.12

When the Supreme Court of the United States tells us that it’s ‘constitutional’ for the federal govt to control our medical care, how can we rely on ANY of its judgments? @ 10.02.12
It is integral to the scheme to radically transform the U.S.; that we bastardize the SCOTUS w/ progressivism. Obama-2 will finish the task. @

…or is he just a statist, big gov prog, 10-planker wannabe commie? @ 10.02.12
Ref: Obama’s Marxist-Leninist Economics: Fact & Fiction, Mark Hendrickson, 07.26.12 

You think the beast vicious when taking his prey, till you try removing him from it. @ 10.01.12

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