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$16.3TTT Debt… $52k for every Man, Woman, and Democrat! That’s $208,000 for my double-wide-full… and nobody here even got a phone. @ 12.01.12

HHS dictatorial regime to PUNISH the people of non-exchange States. #obamacare #arbitrary #power @ 12.01.12 h/t Bluegrass Pundit

On a happy note, someone learned today that all govt $$$ comes from people, & “free” stuff is actually taken from some person who earned it. @ 12.01.12

We have laid blind siege on our invisible selves, and upon the carcass of freedom’s memory, this shall be laid bare. @ 12.01.12

The Constitution is the foundation on which a House of Laws is built, but beneath a Tower of Decrees it is crushed, and buried to obscurity. @ 12.01.12

That THIS is EVEN a TOPIC of DISCUSSION tells you EVERYTHING you NEED to KNOW!!!~> Govt after 401(k)s? @ 11.30.12

Elite GOP “Pallbearers of Liberty”, extinction of principled conservatism, extinction of the American republic. ~Alan Keyes @ 11.30.12

Walter E Williams’ affirmation that the States have EVERY right to say NO! In this case, with respect to obamacare. (tweeted here @ 11.30)
~Also see my article: Once we were States. Once we would say “NO”

Wonder if the GOP Platform was just paper, like the therein-referenced 60+ times U.S. Constitution, was just paper? @ 11.30.12

What about that CLIFF that obama pushed those 4 Americans over in #Benghazi!@ 11.30.12

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