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Read~> It Matters Who Obama’s Father Is Speech by Joel Gilbert 07.19.12 h/t @Libertarian_ish
…as does the wholesale disregard for the Journalist’s Creed! ~tdv
Read~> The Commie’s Commie By Herbert E. Meyer 07.25.12
“Comrades, there are no coincidences.”

It never fails that at the very time of comfort in my understanding, that I learn how little I have learned. @ 07.25.12

Read~> What we would have learned from the Aurora theater shooting, had we listened to nothing but the mainstream press: a brief, incomplete list 07.23.12

Jewels of the Crown are its knighted thieves, for among their spoils is the progressive death of liberty. @ 07.23.12

The left, the statists, work with assumptions of foregone liberty, and this, is tellingly conclusive. @ 07.23.12

It really comes down to us… in the end. @ 07.23.12

Fun with Hashtags #LiberalBumperStickers 07.22.12
Got Bilk? @
Useful Indolent @
Freedom of Leech @
Indigenous Foreigner @
C.C.C.P. ~ Compliant ~ Complicit ~ Comatose ~ Peasant @

Read~> The Rule of Law  ~by Judge Andrew Napolitano 07.19.12
“what do we do about it?”

Read~> The Democrat Race Lie via http://www.black-and-right.com
h/t @NewsNinja2012

Your station is a natural place of sovereign power ~born of liberty~ to know, to accept, to claim, to wield, to guard. @ 07.21.12

For the arrogant SOB-in-Chief:
h/t http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=42076



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