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It’s Flag Day (Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act: 06.14.1777),
the U.S. Army’s 237th Birthday (1775),
and my Mom’s Birthday!

Thanks for Liberty, Courage, and being Mom. 

How is the prohibition of certain foods/quantities any different than the failed prohibition of alcohol? Amd.s 18, 21 @ 06,14.2012

New request, new No. @ 06.14.2012

I am an old-man-older than you, kid @ 06.14.2012

who says _____ says who @ <~what say you? think, & fill in…
~ love ~ you ~ pain ~

Join my tired, my poor, my huddled masses yearning to breathe free #Obama2012Slogans @ 06.12.2012

Hey middle-of-the-roaders, it’s gonna take true conservatism just to drive us back to the middle of the road. @ 06.12.2012
In America, we drive on the Right side of the road, and the Constitution is the Double Yellow Line! @ 06.12.2012

Our Independence is a dependent of ours. @ 06.12.2012

These Constitutional separations of power, these checks and balances, where are they? Is the Executive co-equal, or omnipotent? @ 06.12.2012

Just wondering, is there ANYTHING progressives LIKE about AMERICA?!?! (except that they rule most of it) @ 06.11.2012

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