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Highest Federal Budget Deficit ever before Obama: ’08~$485 Billion. SINCE Obama; ‘09~$1.413(T)rillion, ‘10~1.293T, ‘11~$1.3T, ‘12~$1.327T @ 06.18.2012
Federal Spending as % of GDP: Clinton ave. ~19.8%, Bush ave. ~19.6%, WWII to ’08 ave. ~19.7%, OBAMA average. ~24.4% @ 06.18.2012
Ref. Must Read: President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History  by Peter Ferrara 06.14.2012 h/t protein wisdom

Maybe BHO’s anti-Constitutional behavior is reverse psychological therapy for dyslexic originalists? @ 06.18.2012
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#LiberalismIn4Words Any Ism But Americanism @ 06.17.2012
~The Government Is God @ 06.17.2012 ~Fairy Tale by Force @ 06.18.2012

What illusion, what relative approximation of liberty are you living in? @ 06.17.2012

All I can remember is that I once could remember. @ 06.17.2012

~Fathers Day
took me fish’n today. As usual, they were the only ones to land a fish :] #DadDay @ 06.17.2012

People have, thru my stellar career in ‪fatherhood‬, upon meeting my fine young’ns, pondered what secrets drove my successful endeavors… @ 06.17.2012

Parenting, in my view, cannot possibly be learned from a book, or even from me, the wise and experienced ‪Dad‬ that I be… @ 06.17.2012

My kids are wonderful human beings, and the truth is, it’s not my fault! No secret, no formula. Simple luck has earned me the Best Dad‬ mug. @ 06.17.2012

DAD said: “strength, diligence, honor, integrity” & “water towers are doorknobs to the earth”. @ 06.17.2012

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